Sunday, 30 October 2016

Simple way on how to use realterm latest. Works on all samsung upto android 7.0

                                   First Install RealTerm Which you have just download
                                              from our website on your PC.

 Copy Frp Bypass.apk and the google manager fix apk  into the SD card and         insert into Your  phone .

Or copy into the phone memory if your phone dont have memory card.
Select English (United States) then Click START. connect Wifi internet, then 
move to where it ask for google account.

Now open Realterm and CHECK Half Duplex.

NOW open device manager, Inside device Manager locate to samsung under modems, right click and click on properties.

Realterm port number must be according to above number which is Port com14 and change it if it is not the same number
Note this is just an illustration, your COM port will be vary.

Now type "at+creg?\r\n" and click "Send ASCII" if pop error insert sim card into the phone.

Input “atd1234;\r\n” And click “Send ASCII” This time button will now call 1234.

 Now Login with your existing samsung account if you have one, but if you dont have samsung account already then create new one.

Now open es file manager and locate the files which you have copy  on your sd card, First install the google manager fix. this will allow you to bypass the latest security patch in which google account manager will give you error when trying to sign in.

Now that you have instal the google manager fix apk, next step is to install the quickshortcutmaker apk.

 Now open quickshortcutmaker and locate google account manager

 click on try as shown in the picture then it will take to browser sign in

click on tick box as shown in the picture the click on sign in your account

After sign in your google account succesfully restart your phone then setup your phone to menu.

go to setting Enable  developer mode and enable OEM  then do factery reset.